Annual Stockholders’ Meeting 2020

Information on how to vote

Voting rights in the virtual Annual Stockholders’ Meeting may be exercised in various ways:

  • by appointing one of the proxy holders designated by the company, to whom you may then issue instructions for the exercise of your voting rights; 
  • by postal voting. 
  • by issuing a proxy to a person of your choice to exercise your voting rights at the Stockholders’ Meeting.

In order to participate in the virtual Annual Stockholders’ Meeting and exercise voting rights, stockholders must not only be entered in the share register but must also have registered to participate by the deadline. The completed registration form for this year’s virtual Annual Stockholders’ Meeting of Bayer AG must be received by the Company by no later than 24.00 hours CEST on April 21, 2020.

Please use the attendance form to notify us of your intention to attend the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting. The attendance form will be sent to every shareholder at the end of March.

In the Stockholders’ Portal you can register for the virtual Annual Stockholders’ Meeting and order proxy cards, grant power of attorney to a proxy of your choice, grant power of attorney and issue instructions to proxies designated by the company or exercise your voting rights through postal vote.

Irrespective of registration before the deadline are the instructions for the proxy designated by the company as well as changes to or the retraction of such. Any such instructions may be given or changed using our Stockholders’ Portal until April 28, 2020 (up to the time at which the chair of the Meeting announces that voting on the agenda items will soon be concluded).

You can register on the Stockholders’ Portal if in future you wish to receive the invitation to the Stockholders’ Meeting by e-mail.

Please take advantage of this service to help us reduce printing costs and for the sake of the environment.

Further information around the virtual Stockholders’ Meeting can be found in the Service section.


No warranty is given, or liability accepted, for the operability, availability, stability or reliability of the Internet-assisted proxy and instruction system, or for access to the system, including any third-party Internet services and network elements utilized. Furthermore, we assume no responsibility for errors or defects in the hardware or software used to cast votes via the Internet, including that of contracted service companies, insofar as no intent or gross negligence is present.