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Our Portfolio: Empowering Farmers with More Choices 

With our pioneering innovations across digital technology, biology, and chemistry, we are bringing new solutions to the challenges facing farmers.

Crop Protection

We bring a 100+ year track record in research and solutions with global blockbuster crop protection products to manage insects, weeds and diseases. Our robust crop protection portfolio also includes solutions derived from nature, such as biological, that use nature’s own defenses to protect crops.

Serenade Opti?
Acceleron? Seed Applied Solutions

Seeds and Traits

Bayer focuses on delivering high-quality seeds, as well as cutting-edge traits for high-yielding crops with improved weed management and superior insect control.

Bollgard II? XtendFlex Cotton?
De Ruiter
DroughtGard? Hybrid Corn?
Dekalb Asgrow
Intacta RR2? PRO Soybeans?
RoundupReady2Xtend? Soybeans?

Digital Farming

Our expertise and innovations in digital farming provide farmers with a deeper understanding of their fields so they can utilize their inputs and natural resources as efficiently as possible.

Climate FieldView?

We believe growth – both on the farm and in our industry overall – requires a steady stream of new innovation. This can only be driven by ground-breaking research aimed at finding new solutions to the challenges farmers face in the field every day.

Together, we have more tools in our toolbox to create more choices for farmers to help drive productivity gains faster.

The work we do is very challenging. You put a seed in the ground and do your best to turn it into food, and then you must manage unexpected factors, such as the weather. Seeing the result reaching people’s tables is the most amazing part. It is very good to see our work impact a consumer’s life, particularly because this is work that, above all, demands a lot of responsibility on our part.

Regional Commercial Leadership 

Commercial Leaders in our Regions

Jens Hartmann
Regional Head, Asia Pacific
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Rodrigo Santos
Regional Head, Latin America
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Lisa Safarian
Regional Head, North America
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Bruno Tremblay
Regional Head, Europe, Middle East, Africa
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