Our Strategy


The steadily growing and aging global population presents fundamental challenges for the human needs health and food. How will we feed up to ten billion people by 2050 while contending with the impact of climate change? How will we ensure quality of life for an ever-increasing number of elderly people?

Our Purpose “Science for a better life” guides us in everything we do. Our vision “Health for all, Hunger for none” articulates what we strive for. And everything we do is anchored in our LIFE values. Our purpose, vision, and values are reflected in our Strategic Levers, which represent our priorities as a group. They are set to benefit our society and deliver attractive returns for our shareholders. They also lay the foundation for our divisional strategies and operations.

Our Strategic Levers

1. Shape a leader
We develop a global leader in health and nutrition. We create value with strategy-based resource allocation focused on profitable growth. We position ourselves in attractive areas, in which we can achieve leading positions.

2. Deliver world-class innovation
We innovate at scale to address unmet societal challenges in health and nutrition. We broaden our sources of good ideas, drive disruptive innovation and push the digitalization of our value chain.

3. Generate sustainable impact
We see sustainability as an integral part of our business strategy and operations. Our 2030 targets are in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement.

4. Drive operational performance
We consistently deliver against our financial targets with a focus on profitable growth and returns.

Business Strategies

Our Divisional Business Strategies are well aligned with our Strategic Levers: